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Organizations and individuals have to manage increasing amounts of sensitive data. Ranquel develops and delivers effective data security software solutions.

Encryption Software
Data security software from Ranquel encrypts data files to protect them while in transit or at rest, even in cloud storage. Our encryption software CryptoForge™ is easy-to-use, effective, reliable, and runs across servers, desktops, laptops, netbooks, and Windows based tablets. It is designed to hide the complexity of data encryption.



We develop file encryption software.
Latest version of our file and folder encryption software.

Ranquel Data Security

Organizations and individuals confront increasing amounts of sensitive data which is exposed to insecure environments like the cloud, the Internet, and portable devices. This explosive growth poses a critical IT problem, because data security is essential to mitigate business risk and meet compliance requirements for secure data exchange and storage. Ranquel makes protecting information easy, because it understands your needs and develops effective, easy-to-use data security solutions that reduce costs.



Ranquel Technologies has released the version 5.3.0 of CryptoForge Encryption Software, easy-to-use data encryption software, intended for both organizations and individual users who need to protect sensitive data while in transit or at rest.




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